Sebastiano Salanitro, an “ancient” man.

His ancient but actual proposals are the result of a search turns to the ancient time, with all its tastes, its fragrances, its natural products, that were and are actors of a traditional food that will remain for ever the same, thanks to the tenacity and to the love.

The food range of his cooking belongs to cultural heritage of an ancient land, that was able to keep the best of customs of nations that occupied it. The proposals names are the same that ancient taverners used, unchanged also in the substance.

Sebastiano Salanitro was able to transmit to his son, Luigi, these “ancient” concepts and now, together, they delight us, making to taste again the pleasure of grand mother’s food to who lost its memory, with a link of “ancient” sentiments, sounds and perfumes.

Trattoria Altri Tempi
di Sebastiano Salanitro
Via Sammartino, 65
90141 Palermo
Tel.: 091 323480